A Journey Through Film – Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob's Ladder, now this is quite the important horror, it was arguably the biggest inspiration for Silent Hill, one of the greatest horror series of all time. It took the traditional Vietnam war backstory and used it for what could be argued is many things, and exploration of PTSD, the battle of good and evil,…Read more A Journey Through Film – Jacob’s Ladder

Video Games, Anxiety and Aspergers

Video games as a medium have a lot of potential, the degree of interactivity give it more power when trying to invoke emotions, especially when said emotions are something like guilt. Another use they can have is their relation to people with Disabilities, mental or physical, and today I will be relating my personal experience,…Read more Video Games, Anxiety and Aspergers

A Journey Through Film – Limite

Limite is a very old and a reasonably unknown Silent film, at least outside Brazil. Filmed in 1930 by Mário Peixoto, the film was screened in 1931 but despite some interest the film faded from memory and was thought lost, it was eventually found again and restored by 1978. The funny thing about Limite is it…Read more A Journey Through Film – Limite

A Journey Through Film – Chinatown

Chinatown is an old Neo-Noir from 1974 directed by Roman Polanski, some call its screenplay the best ever written and it's final words are remembered by anyone who happened to watch it. In my new series, a Journey Through Film, I will be looking back on films like this, that either influenced cinema, or that…Read more A Journey Through Film – Chinatown