Welcome to the blog, I know the sections of about and Welcome kinda cover this, but nonetheless I felt I should write a welcome post. Typically the coverage here will involves mainly reviews and journalism, but I am sure photography, history, philosophy and even a little writing will make its way here eventually. As said in my about post I don’t mind criticism or try not to at least, so feel free to bring any you have to the table, and I hope you enjoy something I put out.

Generally the site will typically be updated at an on/off rate depending all on how much College work I have or the amount of exams I need to study for, but I will try to keep it up. This is all for today, think I got everything on the site done, tomorrow will probably feature some kind of review, and over the coming months I will likely be covering the Panama Papers and its effects, culminating in a short documentary, about 5 minutes, which I am making for Media Studies.

All in all I hope you enjoy, and I hope that I make something that is at least worthy of enjoyment. Goodbye and have a good day.


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