Boy Meets Girl – Review

When it comes to representation in media things always become a slippery slope. Bad representation is arguably worse then no representation, some things can be done well and others done awfully in the same film, or they can be perfectly fine. Boy Meets Girl gives us this middle zone, and comes across as a (at…Read more Boy Meets Girl – Review


A Journey Through Film – Twenty Days Without War

Russia is an interesting nation to say the least, it's history being a line of autocratic tsars and dictators, famines galore plague the country in it's history, and uprisings were only slightly less common. As a nation it doesn't have the most happy history, however this dark past is useful for one thing, and that…Read more A Journey Through Film – Twenty Days Without War

A Journey Through Film – Limite

Limite is a very old and a reasonably unknown Silent film, at least outside Brazil. Filmed in 1930 by Mário Peixoto, the film was screened in 1931 but despite some interest the film faded from memory and was thought lost, it was eventually found again and restored by 1978. The funny thing about Limite is it…Read more A Journey Through Film – Limite